Our Vision

A world is not built by a team but by a community. Each member plays a key role in establishing the foundation and directing the evolution of that world.

We'd like to build a platform that decentralizes world-building and empowers the community to build as far as their imagination can take them. With this world in place, we can build diverse and engaging games for all to enjoy.

And it all starts with these roles...


A Realmer is the owner of the Realm NFT. They are provided with an engaging world-building strategy game that helps to populate the world for Adventurers. They are incentivized through token issuance to perform their work as builders.

The Realm NFT acts like property and a license to build. Not only will Realmers be compensated for what they build but also for usage of their property.

See docs for more details


An Adventurer is the owner of the Adventurer NFT. They are free to explore and play in the world created by Realmers. Gamify your existing NFTs and use their unique characteristics to bring your Adventurer to life.

Battles will be the first game released for Adventurers to play.

We expect to create partnerships with projects in the Treasure and Arbitrum ecosystem that would like to join as Adventurers.

See docs for more details

But we can't do it alone

Treasure has brought one of the greatest value propositions to the metaverse by providing a social coordination vehicle that anyone can build on top of and that's something we are very passionate about.

Because of this passion and belief in Treasure's purpose and their approach to achieving that purpose, we've decided to double down on Treasure and build along side their ecosystem and provide new and interwoven mechanisms that will compliment and flourish the Treasure-verse.

the Treasure
Expect $MAGIC and Treasures to be integrated into Realm